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*** Disclaimers ***
Section A:

(A) Lindsey Foam Company has only presented the facts about Reflex Foam as they were published from the Tests that were conducted in a certified laboratory on 12 samples following procedures set forth in ASTM 3574 for resilience and dynamic fatigue by roller shear. Lindsey Foam is not responsible for the authenticity of these results. The life of foam is very dependent on how it is used. High weight loads and high use times will reduce the overall life of foam. It is difficult for us to know exactly the extent of use the foams will have to endure. However, the averages used on the subsequent pages are average for most uses.

Section B:
(A)  Lindsey Foam Products uses Type 2 plastic bag covers to shrink it's foam products to be able to meet shipping size and codes set forth by UPS. Lindsey Foam points out it is the responsibility of the person receiving the shipment to properly dispose of the plastic cover immediately on receiving the product.
(B) Lindsey Foam will be in no way responsible for any accident or death caused by suffixation of a child from the irresponsible handling or placement of the plastic covers.
(C) If for any reason your foam is damaged on arrival please contact us immediately by either E-mail or call us at 662-282-4979. We will do our best to correct the situation.
(D)  All information on this page belongs to Lindsey Foam and use of any of this information is subject to approval from a written request through our questions and comments page.

*Note: If you still have questions please feel free to call us.